Gate Access Request Form

Occasionally, a maintenance or security problem will occur when it is imperative to contact an out of town homeowner or a local representative. Repair work can be hampered when homeowners are away on vacation or living in another state. Extensive damage can be prevented if we have a method of contacting the homeowner. To avoid this problem, we are requesting that you fill in the information below, and return it to our office. This information will remain confidential.

Please be sure to fill out the form below completely.

Community Information

Homeowner Information

Mailing Address

If different from the property address.
(If you provide us with a cell phone, internet, or out of area phone you will not be able to let guests into the community from inside of the home.)

Gate Access Information

(This PIN number will be the number you enter into the entry device to cause the gate to open without a gate opener.)
Your gate openers will be mailed to you upon receipt of this signed form.

Disclosure and Hold Harmless Agreement

If different from the property address.
The undersigned hereby understands and acknowledges that the gate(s) provided in the community are an amenity and are not designed or intended to serve as a security system. Residents are responsible for taking the proper measures to ensure the security of their personal effects, automobiles and/or dwelling places. The Association makes no representation, express or implied, concerning the operation, use, or hours and method of operation, maintenance, and any and all other decisions concerning the gate(s) shall be left to the sole discretion of the Association.
The undersigned hereby agrees that the Developer, the Homeowners’ Association and the Management Company is NOT responsible for the loss or damage of any items, articles or property of any resident, visitor, or third party or for any act committed within the community against any resident, visitor, or third party based on the operation, use or non-use of any such gate(s). In addition, no tenant, resident, or homeowner shall be entitled to any reduction or offset in homeowners’ dues or assessments for any decision made by the Developer or Association with respect to the continued use, non-use, or method of operation of the gate(s).
The undersigned hereby acknowledges and agrees to hold the Association, its agents, subsidiaries, successors and/or assigns, harmless for any decision, act, omission, occurrence, or event resulting from the Association’s operation of the gate(s). Furthermore, the undersigned also acknowledges that he/she/they understand(s) that the gate is merely an amenity and is not designed as a security measure.
Please type your name here to verify that you have read and agree to the above terms.