Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Greystone different from other management companies?
We give our clients a personalized level of service that will suit their needs and the Community’s needs. Greystone Management Company provides different levels of expertise and support to our communities with our menu of services and we are available with 24/7 cellular access for Boards to contact our managers and the President of our company for the personalized service that caters to our communities needs and wants.

How often does Greystone give us an accounting of our money?
We give you financials on a monthly basis with the invoices we processed for that month, you may receive the financials through email, mail or log on to your Community’s website and access the Board of Directors secure area.

What is the benefit of Greystone Management v. being self managed?
We take the burden of day to day management from the Board of Directors and help the Board to make knowledgeable decisions within the boundaries of Florida State Statutes, we prepare the minutes, agenda and budget. We handle emergencies 24/7/365 and deal with vendors. We sponsor the communities website. We help the Board formulate short and long term financial and maintenance plans. We administer collections in a timely and professional manner.

How can I obtain a PIN number for my gate?
To obtain a PIN number for your gate you must first fill out the Gate Information form which includes a Disclosure and Hold Harmless agreement. Both forms must be submitted in order to have your PIN downloaded

What do I do if my remote control stops working?
If your remote control stops working, please check the battery. If you change the battery and it is still not working, please call the office to make arrangements to purchase another one.

How do I report a Homeowner problem?
All requests for action must be in writing. Please send requests via email, or by faxing to our office at: 407-645-5598.

What changes to my home require approval?
ALL exterior changes require written approval from the Architectural Review Committee in your community. Architectural forms may be obtained from this website but all requests must be submitted by mail and must include color photographs and a survey indicating where the change is to take place.

Can I report violations of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR’s)?
Yes, you may submit the Covenant Violation Notification form and please include photos whenever possible.

How do I report things that need to be repaired in the common area of our community?
We have many common areas in our communities. Unfortunately, some items in these areas may break or become non-functional due to abuse, misuse, or just as a part of normal wear. Items in a common area are usually the association’s responsibility to repair or replace. As Residents using these facilities, you may be the first to spot the broken equipment in these areas. Please report anything that is broken or in disrepair by email or by faxing our office at: 407-645-5598.

The street light by my house is broken. What needs to be done to get it fixed?
Please contact your local electric company. Before you call, please make sure that you have the pole number available and the street address if possible.